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MBA Case Competition 2023
- MBA Knowledge for a Real-world –


A case competition held by the Japan MBA Federation is now open to all the MBA students/graduates in the world.

Mongolian Business Plan Contest MBA Case Competition JAPAN 2023: Finalists selected!

MBA Case Competition JAPAN 2023 will be held on Sunday, June 18, from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. About 30 teams, both domestic and international, have entered the competition this time. After a rigorous screening process, the following teams have been selected to participate in the finals! Congratulations to the finalists!

The final round will be broadcast on YouTube LIVE. We hope you will enjoy watching the teams compete against each other!


Date: Sunday, June 18, 2023, 13:00-19:00 *Tentative
Place: Chuo University (MBA) Surugadai Campus
YouTube LIVE streaming available:

Participating Teams


*Numbers are in order of presentation in the final round

   Are you a entrepreneur, seeking for the new frontier?


The knowledge obtained through a study in MBA course could be turned into a reality when it is applied to an actual business in real world. The Japan MBA Federation offers the opportunities to the MBA students/graduates to experience of building a strategic business plan in the MBA Case Competition 2023.

Participating teams are expected to create a business strategy for solving a problem which is given in a case. The strategies will be reviewed by a panel of judges, and nine teams (tentative) will be selected as the teams to be advanced to the final round of the competition.


To be eligible to participate, the team should be composed of one to five people whose leader must be a MBA student or graduate (MBA student/graduate should be signed up as a member of the Japan MBA Federation, all are free of charge).



  • 2nd Japan-Mongolia Business Plan Contest MBA Cup 2023


  • Sunday, June 18, 2023, 10:00 - 17:30 (*tentative)


 - Contribute to solving social issues in Mongolia through the wisdom of MBAs
 - To provide opportunities to experience a real business to the MBA students/graduates to support to strengthen their business skills

■Participation and Spectator:

  • Free of charge *Staff, judges, and related personnel will be free volunteers and will not receive any profit. All expenses for the event will be raised through crowdfunding, and there will be no participation fee.



  • TBA (within the 23 wards of Tokyo)
    online for the participants from abroad



  • - A team leader should be a MBA graduate or student
    * the participants other than a leader are not necessarily the MBA graduates/students
    **MBA participants are asked to sign up to the Japan MBA Federation
    - Each team must have 1-5 members


  • 30 teams maximum (150 participants maximum)



 - first prize: 100,000 JPY (to be fixed) or a tour of Mongolia (up to 5 people)*
    *might be a subsidy
 - special prize (only a case if it is evaluated to worth a special prize):Initial capital of the proposed busines plan (up to a half of the initial capital)

■Key Dates:

 - February 15: a release of a case
 - March 1 to April 14: Team registration
 - April 16 to May 9: submission of a business plan
 - June 1: an announcement of winning teams who will advance to the final round
 - June 18: Final round (live-streaming through youtube) 


 - first round: review of a submitted business plan
 - final round: presentation* and Q&A
 *presentation in English or Japanese (12min) plus pitch in English (3 min)


  • Hajime Uchida (Former Director, Tokyo Representative Office, Trade Development Bank of Mongolia)

  • Other Mongolian business people, MBA faculty members, and various prominent intellectuals

-Cases and Materials Submitted-

The case and submission materials  are available below.
Please submit your document by March 31 (instructions will be sent separately to all participants).


Please register using the application form below.
Entry acceptance period: 2023/03/01 - 2023/04/14

Please see the tournament results of MBA Cup 2022 from the following page.
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